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Digital Word of Mouth

Endeavor Social is a boutique digital marketing agency. We help businesses, organizations, and individuals leverage social communication to establish better relationships with customers, promote consumer loyalty and build brand awareness, all-the-while increasing exposure and influence across the web. We help our clients disseminate relevant content through tried and true methods, ensuring maximum reach, exposure and engagement.

We understand creating and managing social media accounts across multiple social media platforms can be confusing and tedious. Ultimately, social networks are about relationships; establishing and nurturing them is an ongoing process and building a dynamic and successful social strategy takes time and patience. That’s where we come in. We believe social communication should be treated as an opportunity to extend a brand’s customer service commitment, and should never be used as just another marketing tool. At Endeavor Social, we believe social media can make a brand bigger and stronger, especially when used in concert with existing marketing and advertising plans.


Social communication allows consumers to have a direct connection with the brands and people most important to them. This new form of targeted customer interaction allows companies to strengthen relationships with existing customers and to establish relationships with new ones. Strategic execution of a brand’s message through relevant channels to a targeted audience can mean the difference between deep engagement from influencers and customers or simply being ignored.


“Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not.

Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.”  — Seth Godin




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Lisa Johnson, Founder


Lisa is a self-professed technology geek, gadget aficionado and social media addict. She received a bachelor of arts degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and a master of arts degree from the University of Houston shortly thereafter. Before jumping head first into the world of digital media and social marketing, she spent nearly a decade working in local government, cutting budgets and crafting government policy. It was there that she honed her magical data analysis skills and creative marketing talent.


Follow her ramblings (mostly about football and her adventures in parenting) on Twitter @lisjohn or connect with her on LinkedIn.

What We Do

  • Research

    We begin with a comprehensive discovery process to identify the ideal strategies to target each client’s intended demographic. This includes a full review of competitors, audience, industry, existing assets & stakeholder input

  • Strategy

    No two brands are exactly alike; therefore, no two plans should be exactly alike. Our strategies are custom-tailored to the unique nature of each client & include recommendations on brand voice, content, ads & measurement

  • Development

    We work to develop an integrated social presence with brand profiles optimized & tailored to each client. Development includes profile & blog set-up, graphic design, content creation & editorial planning

  • Engagement

    Utilizing a combination of paid, earned & owned media, we work to connect & engage with consumers across each client’s targeted social landscape. Our approach includes response messaging, reputation management & listening campaigns

  • Measurement

    Using a mix of qualitative & qauntitative metrics, we provide regular reporting of key performance indicators to analyze the reach, impact & success of our efforts

  • Training

    Engaged in social, but not getting the results you want? We can craft a customized training curriculum that meets the diverse needs of your social marketing team. Training can be delivered online or in-person


We’ve had the opportunity to partner with many different clients across the United States. Below is a sampling of some of our current and former clientele.

  • trailer-source-inc
  • access-advocates-social-media
  • lexus-of-las-vegas-social-media
  • lexus-of-henderson-social-media
  • metro-lexus-social-media
  • the-literacy-company-social-media
  • museum-of-printing-history-social-media
  • emich chevrolet social media
  • flylogo-small
  • magnussen lexus social media

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