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3 Ways That Twitter Has Reshaped Business

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Though it is only 8 years old, Twitter is changing the very face of business in more than a few ways. The microblogging site is having more of an impact on business than what anyone could have imagined even just a few years ago.

Trading Opportunities

Wall Street has opened its eyes to the opportunities that exist when using Twitter for trading ideas. A number of trading information websites as well as individual trading professionals have taken to Twitter to give and exchange trading ideas. Tweets about trading help to generate interest in a Twitter account from within the often tight knit trading community.

Discounts Via Twitter

Loyal Twitter users and followers of businesses are often rewarded with discount deals available only to those who follow the Twitter accounts of particular businesses. describes how discount deals online have moved largely from e-mail onto Twitter,

Discount-happy consumers are turning to Twitter to hear about the best deals for the day in their communities, or online. Even as short as a year ago, daily deals sites relied mostly on email to get their discount posts out to consumers. While email is still a strong message center for such companies, they’re just as likely to reach out to those same customers via Twitter…

Making Investing Less Isolating 

The process of investing can certainly feel like an isolating one. There is not a lot of interaction necessarily for the person who sits at home and invests. The miracle of Twitter has made it more possible for traders to connect with one another in real time. Even the most active of traders can enjoy a little interaction now and then. Twitter makes it possible for that to happen.

Contact us for more information regarding Twitter and the transformational impact it has had on our world.

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On October 9, 2014

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