4 YouTube Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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YouTube is a fantastic way for companies to market their products to potential consumers. It’s easy to embed on websites, highly shareable and businesses can communicate so much more through motion and sound than they ever could with a static image. However, just having a YouTube account and posting videos doesn’t mean you’ll find success. Marketers frequently make several critical mistakes they lose them viewers more than gain them.

Lengthy videos. Unless your video is a tutorial or a music video, it’s imperative that videos are less than a minute long. People frequently click away when they see the length of a video because they simply don’t want to take that much time to watch it. That should be pretty evident with Vine, the seven-second movie social media site, being the successful newcomer to the video game.

Pop up ads and messages. Yes, I know, you’re trying to make some money with this YouTube thing, but trust me, pop-ups in the middle of your video are going to do just the opposite. Sometimes a little subtlety is the key. Look at the outcome of one of the most recent viral hits, “First Kiss.” This was an ad for WREN clothing, but very few people realized it initially, but eventually its origins were revealed and their sales went up 14000%. That’s not a typo.

Lack of optimization. Since Google owns YouTube, it’s no surprise that adding video content through the site greatly improves your organic rank on the search engine. So often though, companies fail to fill out the meta data associated with the video and attach a transcript of the video, that video does virtually nothing for natural rank.

Failure to distribute. Just because you have YouTube videos doesn’t mean people are going to watch them. There are billions of videos that go unseen on that site. The key to getting your videos seen is to make sure that they are shared. Start internally with employees, send pitches to content creators like HuffPo, Upworthy and Buzzfeed. Get your videos included on the sites that are responsible for most of the viral sharing online.

There’s no guarantee that YouTube will be a successful marketing tool for your company, but if you avoid these pitfalls, you’ll at least stand a better chance.

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On June 27, 2014

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