5 Essential Twitter Marketing Tips

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Twitter may be the best social media medium to frequently connect with customers and establish your brand reputation. But non-cohesive, sporadic tweets aren’t likely to help attract followers to your Twitter account. If your company is new to social media marketing, consider these 5 essential Twitter marketing tips:

Find your target audience

Twitter marketing requires you to take an extra step in your business’ market segmentation. You need to consider who will be following you, and who you would like to reach out to. This becomes more important as you begin to offer promotions, and you want them to be seen by the right audience.

Consider Twitter’s role in your marketing campaign

Twitter can be used for connecting to loyal customers, potential customers, and business partners. If your company is already investing heavily in a marketing campaign, use Twitter to increase the exposure of the campaign. Similarly, if your company is introducing a new product or rewards program, use Twitter to create buzz over the new development.

Define your goals

Not all companies have the same goal in mind when they sign up for Twitter. Some may use Twitter to engage with customers on a more personal level, while others may use Twitter to increase their subscriber list to their newsletter or email marketing campaign. Define your goals of using Twitter, whether it’s to increase your customer base or establish a brand reputation, and build your strategy around them.

Using Twitter tools

There are several Twitter tools that you can use to execute your Twitter marketing strategy and achieve your Twitter goals. Here are a few of the tools your company can use:

  • Twitter page optimized with SEO
  • Start a Q&A about blog posts
  • Link to your other social media accounts and website
  • Hash tags that are creative and related to your industry
  • Twitter cards that have previews of your blogs, videos, or products

Use data and analytics

The only way to measure the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaign is to use data and analytics to judge how successful the program has been. Relate the data back to your original Twitter goals, and see if you’ve acquired new leads or new subscribers to your newsletter.

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On September 6, 2013

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