5 Tips to Optimize the Effectiveness of your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn can be a powerful weapon to wield on the online battlefield of today’s job search.

Facebook is harmless enough, as long as you’re careful not to post anything too radical or controversial. Twitter feeds are fun for quick, little blurbs about your views of politics, sports, and other current events. But LinkedIn is an online tool to be used carefully in crafting your professional brand. It is a bona fide professional necessity for today’s competitive job market.

What follows are five tips to optimize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Conversational Tone – Many people make the mistake of thinking that a LinkedIn profile is nothing more than a social media resume that simply reiterates your paper resume in an online format. The fact is that your profile should be executed with a much more conversational tone. Rather than simply copying the chronological listing of your past employers in a resume-specific writing style that includes brief bullets and very little, if any personalization, you should write your LinkedIn profile from the first person and show the reader a touch of personality. Always keep it professional, but don’t be afraid to let your profile show a sense of humor, some personal tastes, and even feel free to use an exclamation point or two. Keep it professional, but try to start a nice and easy conversation about your career brand.
  2. Headline – Another classic LinkedIn profile error is merely stating your professional title as the headline. Instead, opt for something that describes a particular area of skill or value to your professional brand. Try something like “Process Improvement Specialist” instead of “Office Manager.” Also, try to incorporate keywords here because search engines will be looking in the headline of your profile to match queries from recruiters and other employers.
  3. Photo – Simple enough theory here, but sometimes people will mistakenly use a picture better suited for Facebook or Google+. Leave the kids and the family pet out. Just a simple selfie of your head and shoulders area with a nice, inviting smile will suffice.
  4. Contact Information – Phone number and email address are great, but if you do have a Twitter account that you think is beneficial include that too. Blogs and personal websites are also great to increase your network and professional brand awareness. Also, feel free to leave a call to action in your background or summary such as, “For any consulting opportunities that are a good match for my advanced skill set, please feel free to contact me at …”
  5. Recommendations – If your career brand has spurred rave reviews from colleagues, coworkers, and previous employers, write the quotations down in their entirety under the recommendations section. People love to see that your work has been well-received and that you have the communication and people skills required to draw those reviews.

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On January 12, 2015

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