5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups Effectively

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Dubbed as the “party” place on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups offer a great opportunity to users. Networking, gaining valuable information, and more is possible with this tool. This makes knowing how to use LinkedIn Groups effectively a must.

According to Matt Haskell, the following five tips will have you leveraging LinkedIn Groups like a pro:

  1. Don’t be a party crasher: Don’t constantly pitch and spam what you have to offer.  nstead, try to contribute value to the discussion. You’ll even find great content that you can post in status updates on social media networks.
  2. Don’t try to join in too many groups: Variety is key, not quantity. Haskell recommends a maximum of 50 – as the notifications tab shouldn’t become an overwhelming force.
  3. Use the “Share” feature to post to multiple groups: A post or article that has universal appeal can be a great candidate for the “Share” feature. However, make sure it is applicable to all groups. It can certainly be a great way to kick start discussions in multiple places.
  4. Join groups for your target market: Join in on conversations with your target market as well as other business people. You can gain valuable insights and even do market research.
  5. Use polls: Have a question that you need input on? Polls are a systematic way to receive feedback that can help you do some research and gain insight.

LinkedIn is much more than another networking tool. You can gain valuable connections, obtain market research insights, and much more.  LinkedIn Groups remain a tool that can get the job done.

Contact us for more information on leveraging LinkedIn for success.

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On March 7, 2013
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