Part 2: 8 Tips for a Better Facebook Business Page

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Welcome back to our two-part series to help you create a better Facebook business page. You’ll recall in Part 1 we discussed four tips that relate to setting up your page. But just setting up a page isn’t enough. You must also actively maintain it. Here in Part 2, we’ll discuss four tips that apply to the ongoing maintenance of your page.

5. Post engaging content on your Timeline.

The whole purpose of a Facebook business page is to, in some way, engage the visitor. So, what are the most engaging types of posts? Well, according to Facebook itself, the most engaging types of posts are:

  • Photo and video,
  • Facebook offers, and
  • Questions

With that in mind, imagine how effective your posts will be if you combine some of these elements in a single post. The begin with, make photo or video a mandatory part of all your posts. Then consider how you might incorporate some kind of special offer or question in your post. This is where your imagination and creativity will come into play.

Of course, the content you share shouldn’t be exclusively visual. Posting links to relevant articles and blog posts is also a good practice. When you do, Facebook will automatically include an image associated with links you share.

6. Leverage Facebook’s scheduling tools.

If you’ve only used Facebook for personal interaction, you may not be aware that you can schedule posts on your business page. This is a great feature because it allows you to plan, create, and implement a specific marketing campaign without having to set reminders in your calendar to go publish that next post. It’s akin to scheduling broadcast emails in an auto-responder.

Another great feature is the ability to set individual posts to expire. The is particularly handy when you post some sort of limited-time offer.

7. Actively promote your page to gather more followers.

The coolest looking page with the greatest content ever will be completely worthless unless you have a large and growing group of followers. That’s where promotion comes into play. The obvious tools for accomplishing this are Facebook follow buttons in your emails and on the sidebar of your blog, website, and all other marketing collateral. But, when you think about promoting our page, don’t just think ‘online’. Create a QR (Quick Response) code for your Facebook page and promote that on all your offline marketing collateral. This will help you reach a whole new segment of the population.

8. Monitor and respond to comments.

From reading the seven previous tips, you may have gathered that the best Facebook pages are those that engage the visitor. And you’re right. But remember, engagement is a two-way street. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. So regularly monitor your page and respond to questions and comments – the sooner, the better. This really isn’t hard to do with all the mobile technology we have at our fingertips.

But there’s another great tool to engage your followers – Facebook events. These are especially effective when they focus on specific products or services you offer. But the sky’s the limit here. The best Facebook event ideas for your business depend on what your business is. This is another instance where you’ll have to tap your imagination and creativity.

We hope you’ve found the information we’ve shared in this two-part series useful. By applying what you’ve learned, you can create and maintain an engaging Facebook fan page for your business. To learn more about how you can leverage social communication to establish better relationships with your customers and prospects, contact us online or call 303-302-1008.

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On September 23, 2015

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