5 Big Brands Using Pinterest. Should You?

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When a customer Googles a subject, like widgets, links shared on social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are generally listed on the first page of results because websites that have been shared on social media networks are weighted more than websites links that have not been shared.

What does this mean to you? You want to generate buzz in the social stratosphere, and your business may have already generated buzz with a business account on Twitter and Facebook, but have you ignored Pinterest? I hope not. Pinterest is a virtual pin board where users “pin” photos and videos. It is the third most popular social media network, and it is very popular among women. This social media giant should not be ignored.

So how can you share your business on Pinterest, and get your current and prospective customers talking, especially if your company does not have a very visual component? Don’t fret Jeff Bullas, a Social Media and Online Blogger, has the answer for you. Recently, he shared with his readers how 5 big brands use Pinterest.

Pinterest users create “boards” to share their interests, such as purchases, items to buy, and places to visit. Business pinners can also create boards to reflect their company and products. The five big brands that Bullas discussed are Boticca Boutique, Hubspot, Mashable, Travel Channel, and Nordstrom. Let’s see what strategies these businesses use to interact with customers on Pinterest.

  • Boticca Boutique shares photos of their clothing on Pinterest by creating “boards” that mimic their “store’s categories.”
  • Hubspot, a business to business marketing company whose products are not very visual, created a unique approach for their Pinterest Account. They pin pictures and videos from events. Hubspot also pins infographics that they have created from their own facts and figures.
  • Mashable, a popular blog site, that is fully integrated with all social media outlets have several pin “boards.” Some of thier top “boards” are infographics and pins of latest technology on their “Tech and Gadgets Board.”
  • Of course the Travel Channel pins photos of exotic places that we would all like to visit, such as “Beaches” and “Daily Escapes.”
  • Nordstrom, a fashion retailer of specialty clothing, shoes, and accessories pins vivid photos of their products.

To learn more information about how each company uses Pinterest click on the links to be transported to their Pinterest account. There you will see how many “boards” they have, the names of their “boards,” how many followers they have, and how many times their items have been repinned. Can your business benefit from a Pinterest account? If so please contact us, we would be happy to help you out.

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On September 13, 2012

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