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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

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Instagram is a wonderful social media tool for businesses who have physical products to sell. It’s much harder for a business that is primarily a service to use Instagram successfully as a marketing tool. That being said, here are three tips to increase sales for businesses who are using Instagram as one of the weapons in their social media marketing arsenal.

Leverage Its Visual Advantages

The most important thing to remember is that Instagram is primarily all visual. You can have a live link to your website on your bio page, but links in comments are not clickable. It’s also awkward to have captions that are more than a few sentences long at most. Be aware of this and try to convey the essence of your message in the photograph itself instead of relying on text or hyperlinks. This means that you won’t be able to craft special landing pages to accompany each image. One possible way to measure Instagram sales and traffic is to have a special “Seen on Instagram” button on your homepage.

Choose Excellent Pictures

With that in mind, it should be obvious that getting the best picture possible is essential.  If you are selling books, capture the substance of the book or the theme of your publishing in the photo. If you have a clothing company, try to capture the clothes in their target market. Make sure to have professionals help you with this part whenever possible. Candid photos are cool once in a while, but they may make your product and company look amateur.

Use it as a Sales Tool

Lastly, many companies offer sale pricing on Instagram by posting a photo along with a coupon code on the picture itself. This is a good way to track sales driven by your Instagram photos, and it gives customers a reason to seek out your Instagram feed on a regular basis.

By following these pillars for using Instagram, you can start having success on this platform that can grow your audience and your business.

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On February 24, 2015
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