Instagram for Business: 5 Reasons It’s An Untapped Marketing Arena

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Instagram seems to still be a place that’s not considered first as a platform for marketing a business. But that may be because the perception of Instagram has been different from originally intended. The thought of it being more as a place to disseminate information to potential customers may be helped along by the people who created the company.

Founders of Instagram Say It’s a Message-Sharing Service

In a recent interview with Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, it was made clear that they don’t want to be referred to as a photography service. Those who’ve used Instagram already know that it’s not a serious photography site like Flickr due to lower pixel quality for easier smartphone sharing. Ultimately, Systrom said they want the site to be a place where a particular message can be sent.

Messages for A Business Can Be Very Valuable

The idea of taking multiple photos that represent a certain message for a business can convey much more clearly what a business is. With the stylization of photos on Instagram, it’s much easier to capture the eye of potential customers. Prospects for the future of Instagram have the founders enabling users to post multiple photos every minute, giving businesses a chance to promote immediate things like same-day sales.

The Chance to Feature Customers

One creative way to use Instagram for marketing is to post photos of customers buying things. Permission is necessary, of course, to use the customers’ images. But daily or hourly updates showing happy people buying your product would be one of the greatest marketing tools you’d have. This can also apply to posting photos of your staff and updated pictures of your business’s featured products.

Present and Future Social Media Integration

It’s already easy to upload Instagram photos on Twitter. With Facebook acquiring Instagram, you know that easier integration there will also be a given. Using Instagram now for your business also ensures that promised media features on the horizon will be available to you first. This may include video capabilities that can give an added edge to your promotional tools.

The Promise That You Own Your Own Photos

In the above interview with Instagram’s co-founders, there was an assurance to users that the site doesn’t steal the rights to photos. There was plenty of concern about photo ownership when Facebook bought Instagram this last year. With a renewed confidence that you own your own photos, it gives a business the fullest advantage in being able to market a product on Instagram without fear of rights being taken away.

After all of the above, perceptions are everything in how you use social media for marketing. If you want more ideas on how to market your business on Instagram, contact us to help us guide you through the possibilities.

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On June 20, 2013
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