Reasons Why Yelp and Yahoo! are a Winning Combination

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Recent news talks about the Yahoo! and Yelp partnership.  Yahoo’s aim is to get better local search engine results using Yelp’s resources.  In Marissa Meyer’s mind, Yahoo and Yelp are a perfect match, and she sees potential in this company.  After all she tried to purchase Yelp in 2009 when she worked for Google.  Yahoo also wanted Yelp that same year; Yelp passed on both offers.  Compared to Bing and Google search engines, Yahoo goes two steps back, so any change is a welcome change for users.  There are five reasons why this partnership is going to be the stuff of legend.


Yahoo has to do whatever it takes to compete with Google and Bing.  Google has business reviews from Google+ users incorporated into their search engine.  Bing already incorporated Yelp reviews for business reviews in addition to Bing reviews.  They also added their listings, reviews and photos on mobile map software.  Yahoo is going down the Bing road by incorporating Yelp into their search engines. Since Yelp is a respected and trusted user review site incorporating that into the search engine gives users options to compare and the ammunition to compete.

Ad Revenue

The Yahoo-Yelp partnership is going to bring eyes to Yahoo’s search engine from both companies.  Yahoo hopes that those eyes will turn into ad revenue for their company (and for Yelp).  Yahoo increased 8% from Oct-Dec 2013 already, and they hope that the inclusion of Yelp will push their ad revenue higher.  Their visitor influence is projected to rub off on them.


Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy.  Yahoo! knows what it’s like to number one, and now that Google and Bing are number one and two, respectively, the alternative is to distinguish itself from the pack.  Yelp will help Yahoo do that.  The question is how Yahoo uses Yelp compared to how Bing is using it?  As of now Yahoo plans on sharing their reviews, listings and photos (similar to Bing) but add a twist to make it different.

This pairing is going to propel Yahoo! into new heights.  Yelp has more flair than Yahoo! Local, but the question is will Local remain alongside Yelp, dumped for Yelp, or become a mixed breed?  Only Yahoo knows the answer, but acquiring Yelp is a great start.  Contact us for more information.

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On February 20, 2014

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