Social Media Marketing Meets 21st Century Consumer Demands

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Companies have always used creative marketing to attract consumers. The 21st century is no different, except the technology of today has opened up an entirely new avenue of advertising. If you company has not yet considered the potential of social media marketing for your business, you are missing out on a very important target audience.

Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) surveyed 72,000 people from 60 countries regarding their social media practices. Of those polled, 51% believed that the internet was a powerful connector for them, whether they were looking to be linked to friends, family, information, or goods. Of their time spent online, those surveyed said they spent upwards of 3 hours a week virtual shopping. Additionally, half of the test group reported reading a blog at least once a week and one-fourth wrote one. The research tells us what we already know; more and more consumers are using the internet to purchase their goods and services, or at the very least to research those companies with whom they are thinking of doing business. If your business is not participating in this virtual dialogue, then many of your clients never even know you exist.

We at Endeavor Social Media understand the many implications that social media has to offer the business world. We concentrate on 5 steps to social media success.

  1. Research: It is critical to understand the targeted demographic. To gain a comprehensive picture, we will examine competitors, audience, industry, existing assets, and stakeholder input.
  2. Strategy: You will not receive the attention you desire if you simply put your business out there. You must purposefully introduce your interests; therefore, we will explore your individual profile recommendations, brand voice, messaging strategy, measurement benchmarks, and social ad strategy.
  3. Development: We must integrate your social media presence with brand profiles unique to each client, designing the appropriate profile set-up, blog set-up, graphic design, custom content calendar, and editorial calendar.
  4. Engagement: In order to reach the full spectrum of clients, we will employ a combination of paid, earned, and owned media. Channel management, response messaging, listening campaigns, blogging, and social ads are all addressed.
  5. Measurement: We regularly analyze both the qualitative and quantitative results of the campaign, including actionable analytics, benchmarking, success measurement, competitive analysis, and advertising insights.

Your company works diligently to produce quality goods and services for your customers. Please contact us today so that we can design a purposeful social media marketing plan that will attract the clients you desire.

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On June 1, 2012

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