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Top 5 Ways to Use Instagram for Small Business

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If you own a small business and have just entered the world of Instagram you’re definitely in the right place! The platform isn’t used in the best way by small business and is still a relatively untapped source for growing a loyal following. Implement these tips and watch as your business explodes.

1.Host a Giveaway

If you’re a startup and have products to sell, Instagrammers love sharing details of giveaways. Make it fun and partner with a more established brand to get your follower count to explode almost instantly.

Say for example, your company designs clothes; ask members to share your Instagram profile as an automatic entry to win a prize. Partner with another company that falls in line with the image you want your company to reflect. Next require that users share photos from both companies to have a valid entry in the contest. Voila! You have an instant viral sharing fest going on!

2. Plan a Hashtag Party

To go along with your giveaway create a hashtag that is unique to your company and the contest to keep track of followers that are raving fans. Create multiple hashtags that include your goals like #DEFclothing #20kgiveaway to show followers that the goal is to reach 20,000. This gives your hashtag more power. Search potential hashtags that you want to use before you make yours official so you won’t be promoting another brand by mistake.

3. Target Your Ideal Customer

Another way to use hashtags is to find your ideal customer. If your product works well for mom bloggers or fitness pros for example, search #momblogger or #fitness. Then show love to those profiles in order to get eyes on your company. Many users will follow your profile simply because you visited and showed interest in what they posted.

4. Use Analytics

Our favorite third party platform for analyzing results is Iconosquare. You can use it to keep track of your effectiveness and easily like user photos without the need to be on a mobile device. Iconosquare also allows you to track everything from follower growth to the best time to post pictures. Plus it’s free!

5. Engage Users

After all, instagram is a social platform. Don’t always post about your business and “buy me” pictures all the time. Mix it up and engage your followers in a real way. If you’re an upstart company and you have a few employees allow your followers a chance to see their kids, pets, or places you travel as a team. It helps to take away the “big business” feeling.

Contact us for more information about managing your social media presence and ways to establish better relationships with your customers.

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