Twitter & Google+: Not an Either/Or for Business

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While Facebook is certainly the most obvious choice for businesses in a social media strategy, some companies are very selective outside of the 1 billion-strong social giant. For some businesses, there is only room for Twitter or Google+ – which could eliminate marketing power if only one is chosen.

A recent look at this topic from Sean Johnson reveals that this isn’t an either/or question. Both social networks offer a unique set of advantages that form a powerful tandem together, and with Facebook.

Here are a few notable benefits of Twitter:

  • Marketing Research: Johnson points out that Twitter is ideal for monitoring what is said about a product or brand. Through direct interaction and search, it’s easy to keep tabs on these important items.
  • Real Time Newswire: Twitter is a real-time resource that lets you immediately notify prospects and followers of news. Perhaps more importantly, you can directly answer questions at the same real-time speed.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Combining the previous two points, Twitter makes customer satisfaction easy. Find out problems early on from customers via search and mentions, and engage directly as well. Plus, and Johnson notes, your company will look better and save customer relationships.

Google+, which recently passed up Twitter in terms of users, offers notable benefits as well:

  • Search Results: It may seem obvious that Google+ is a Google product.  However, when you consider that content is more quickly indexed by the towering search engine, it starts to sink in – Google+ is the most important social media network for SEO, since the search engine is so dominant.
  • Group Hangouts: The ability to have a group video chat can lend to internal and external possibilities (staff meetings or webinars, respectively).
  • Google+ Communities: This new feature can allow businesses to showcase their expertise, Johnson notes.

Is your company taking advantage of Twitter and Google+?

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On February 14, 2013
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