Twitter Serves a Powerful Connector to Your Consumers

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Social media is an effective tool to market your company. Businesses large and small are really taking advantage of such networks, with one of the most impactful platforms becoming Twitter. Twitter allows your consumers to connect with you and with each other, generating genuine relationships that will cultivate a loyal following. Nothing can be more powerful in the marketplace, especially for small businesses.

In order to maximize your presence, consider these 10 ways to get your small business noticed on Twitter:

  1. Be different than anyone else. Research the market to see if and how your competitors are using Twitter. Then, style an unique profile so people take notice.
  2. Deliver great value on a consistent basis. If you start with some great promotions, but then drift away from such offers, your customer’s are likely to drift away too.
  3. Engage your followers in a genuine community. You could even create a “key influencers” or “favorite fans” group for those who take a particular interest in your account. Then, be sure to engage with them on a regular basis.
  4. Be helpful and useful so that your consumer knows you are the expert.
  5. Don’t overtweet or your followers will tune you out. Make sure that each tweet offers great advice, news information, or even a promotion.
  6. Be controversial, but not too much. You definitely don’t want to alienate any potential customers, but if there is a controversy brewing in your particular industry, you could offer both sides of the controversy. Let your clients decide where they stand and the controversy will generate more interest.
  7. Offer great discounts that are only available to your Twitter followers. Such special offers will make them feel special and stay tuned.
  8. Retweet if one of your followers makes a particularly interesting point. This not only lets your followers know you are paying attention, it also keeps a dialogue going.
  9. Share links that are not commercially focused. If you blatantly come across as if you are always trying to make a sale, many followers will bow out.
  10. Be “normal” by permitting your personality to show through. A nice blend of professional candor will keep the tone knowledgeable but friendly.

Social media is only as limited as your imagination. Being progressive enough to create a Twitter profile for your small business though is not enough by itself. You have to masterfully create yourself in the virtual world. Please contact us so we can help your company make an effective jump into cyberspace.

Image courtesy of Flickr,  Andreas Eldh

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On July 27, 2012

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