Ways To Grow Your Business With Facebook

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If social media is one of your marketing strategies, Facebook offers a number of different advertising methods to help you achieve your business objectives.

Here are some of the ways Facebook can help you grow your online reputation and generate sales:

Column Placement

This is more of a traditional way of advertising. Your ad can be seen my Facebook users in the right hand column, and Facebook viewers can click on your ad taking them to your site.


If you want to give your fans a special offer, like a coupon or discount code, you can place an offer on your company’s page.

Some of the ways you could use this option include:

  • a restaurant, you could offer a free appetizer with meal purchase
  • a retail store could offer a discount on a total purchase, such as $10 off a $50 purchase
  • An e-commerce site could offer a special promotion code for free shipping or a discount

Offers are one of the favored Facebook advertising methods, as it is very easy to gauge the success of your campaign.

Promoted Posts

Promoted posts allow you to promote a recently made post from your page and will put it in the news feed of your fans.

Posts that are good for promoting include news and events, and offers.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories allow your fans to share with their friends interactions with you.

This could include feeds about someone liking you, RSVP’ing to your event, or votes in a poll on your page.

Targeted Posts

Targeted posts is Facebook’s newest advertising method, allowing you to target who sees your ads based on 7 specific criteria you can choose.

Not yet available to all businesses, this will enable much more flexibility in ad design and targeting of your ideal market.

As more businesses jump on the Facebook bandwagon, it’s important to know what options are available to you in designing your Facebook advertising strategy.

For more useful information regarding social media, or to discuss your needs, please contact us.

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On October 10, 2012
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