Why You (Still) Need a Blog in 2016

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“You need a blog.” If you don’t have one, you’re likely tired of hearing this from well-intentioned friends and web-marketing wannabes.

Well, you do. Need a blog, that is.

Blogs Go Beyond the Sound Bite

I have Twitter! I post on Instagram! I schedule things on Facebook! Why in the world do I need a blog?

Those are good questions. Here’s the easy answer: While your social media stream is designed to deliver bits of info to select audiences, a sentence (or fragment) or two at a time, your blog can hold a prospect’s attention for much longer.

Yes it’s true, content marketing works and at the same time, it’s created a whole lot of content clutter. That is not – we repeat, not – a good reason to ignore the advice you’ve been given regarding a blog.

You really do need one. Here are 5 (more) reasons why:

  1. Millennials trust blogs and this trust is reinforced regularly: they get their news from blogs.
  2. Millennials consult blogs over social media when considering a purchase.
  3. The FTC is cracking down on native advertising. A blog helps you and your brand take the high road.
  4. Your blog can tell you things about your prospects that your website can’t. If you have your analytics configured correctly, you can tell how visitors find your blog vs. how they come to your website. You might be surprised at how different those paths can be.
  5. People love stories. People tend to repeat stories. Stories influence behavior. Blogs give you a format to share not only your brand and company story, but stories about how your customers use your product(s). These (memorable, sharable) stories continuously influence your prospects’ behaviors, and feed the buying cycle.

Convinced? Want to find out how to create a blog that’s worth your time and your prospects’ attention? Contact us. Convinced, but not ready? Get in touch. We can help you make the most of all of your marketing efforts.

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On April 7, 2016
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